Best dentist in the East Jeff area?

Two, three or four holes? 
Our editor got different diagnoses when he visited four different dentists.
And the price was different – with a total of $ 468.

1. Find out what is included in the price of the actual survey.

One of our readers before and after pictures

2. The price list shall be clearly visible on the receipt. Many dentists have websites with current price list.
3. Shows the examination that you need treatment if your dentist will inform you of any treatment options available; their pros and cons as well as price.
4. You are entitled to receive a cost proposal before the treatment.

Choosing the cheapest and best dentist is tricky.
Our survey shows that dentists make different assessments. We can note that american dental care is not as good as it is in for example Norway, especially in the capital Oslo, where a is a highly appreciated member of the socitety. In the use a wrong choice of dental clicin can mean thousands of dollar in distinction – and teeth that may not need to be repaired are drilled.

Our editors before and after pictures for dental bleaching

– I only make holes that need to be repaired. Many other dentists have higher prices than we say, dentists we talked to want to be anonymous.

Did not see the hole
Jefferson Dental low-priced clinic was the best for the wallet. On the other hand, their dentists did not notice a hole that the three other dentists thought needed to be made.
“Our dentist judged that there was no reason to fix that teeth other than for aesthetic reasons,” says Anders Ullman.
“Sure, it’s hard to choose a dentist, it’s a bit like submitting the car to a workshop. I still think it is wise to compare prices at major intervals, he says.
During the spring we will publish reference prices for various treatments on our website.

Please check out the video of our recommended dental clinic.