Dental Clinic of Adam Andersson

At Dentist Adam Andersson, they offer you long experience and solid education in aesthetic dental care, crown and bridge prosthetics and total betting rehabilitation. Of course, they also perform general dental care, which for us means the lifelong maintenance of your teeth with both dentist and dental hygienist.

They believe that a large part of the key to beauty and well-being is founded in healthy and beautiful teeth. Therefore, they are proud to offer our patients a first-class dentistry made with the latest and most advanced dental technology in a calm, comfortable and stress-free environment.

A pleasant way to your new smile
They work to make your dental visit with us as comfortable as possible. Our goal is to satisfy our patients’ wishes and that everyone will be happy and happy. There is no need to have anything but a healthy and beautiful smile and they work for every patient to get it right. Assign your smile to us!

For those who are dissatisfied with the shape or color of your teeth, our treatment means that you dare laugh and smile again. Our treatments include teeth whitening, scale phases, porcelain crowns, porcelain inserts, porcelain bridges, implants and common composite fillings. They also have long experience of treating you with dental care.

A few words about dental fear
The reason for dental fear, or so-called dental fear, is usually that the patient had previous negative experiences with the dentist. It may be due to insufficient knowledge of the dentist, poor dialogue between dentist and patient or, due to time pressure, the dentist did not give the patient the time needed to unwind, be comfortable in the situation or simply gain the effect of an anesthetic spray. With us, you do not need to worry about such a thing. They do everything they can to make you feel safe and relaxed before the treatment starts and always ensures that you get the best treatment possible. Some patients demand drug treatment, but since they are both time consuming and costly, they have instead chosen to provide as pain free treatment as possible through other methods.

Then they work
Their goal is not to offer on-line loads without making as durable and aesthetically pleasing treatments as possible – even if it takes some extra time. For example, they build up all fillings through thin layers as they cure one by one, instead of just making a few cures. It takes some extra time, but means that the results will be even and more robust. They also work together with you to get healthy and beautiful teeth as you know how to take care – with the result that our patients get healthy in their mouths and rarely get new holes.

They work closely with specialists in jaw surgery and implant surgery, root treatments and dental control. Prior to surgery, they make a proper therapy plan with you to make sure you get the treatment you are looking for and need. Once the surgery is completed, you will be helped to take care of your teeth in the best possible way by our knowledgeable dental hygienist Drandafile Rrecaj.

Expertise, experience and interest
They have long experience and solid education in aesthetic and general dental care, and continuously train us to follow the latest developments in the industry. As new materials and techniques for treatment are constantly evolving, not only training and experience, but also genuine interest, is required to know which treatment method gives the best results. They think it’s fun and stimulating to raise our skills, which means that you as a patient can make sure you always get the best possible care.