Dental Surgery

Getting hurt in a wisdom state is very common and the pain can have many different causes. In most cases, you remove the wisdom state that causes pain.

A wisdom can hurt for several reasons:

  • Inflammated gums

When wisdom is on its way up, this may take time and it may hurt the gums. Sometimes the teeth of the opposite jaw can also irritate the gum so that it gets inflamed.

  • Bacteria
    When wisdom is on its way up, pockets are also formed in the gum, after which bacteria can accumulate. Even the bacteria can cause inflammation.
  • Severe inflammation
    If the inflammation becomes serious, it can make a lot of pain and swelling may spread to the cheeks, down to the throat and sometimes cause breathing difficulties. These inflammations must be treated immediately.
  • Damaged nearby teeth
    Sometimes wisdom can also damage the teeth next to them as they grow up because they usually grow a little skewed. Growing obesity can also damage mucous membranes that can cause inflammation and pain.
  • Hole in wisdomtooth
    It is also very easy to get holes in their wisdom teeth because they are so far behind and they are difficult to access with dental floss and toothbrush.
  • Cysts
    Some wisdom teeth that never grow up without lying latent in the jawbone under the gum can also cause problems in the form of cysts formed around the dental crown. If these cysts become large or infected, it can cause pain.

At what age do you get wisdom teeth?

It is most common for wisdom teeth to come when you are between 18-25 years.

Sometimes you do not get all four wisdom teeth, or you do not get any wisdom teeth all. Some people are missing out on these teeth.

Treatment – painful wisdom

In most cases you may need to remove your wisdom as a pain. But it also happens that you can instead remove the tooth that is next to the wisdom to make way for the wisdom state.

All of this is done with local anesthesia.

Extracted with pliers

If possible, then the jaw surgeon pulls out a tooth with a tongue, this happens when the teeth have grown so much that it is possible to grip around it. If this is not possible then surgery is required.

Operation of wisdom

If the tooth has not grown out so much that it is possible to grasp it with a tongue requires surgery. If the wisdom condition is very bad, for example with bent roots, the teeth may sometimes need to be shared before it can be picked up in smaller parts individually.

Cost of expired wisdom

The cost varies depending on where you are doing your withdrawal / operation. All dentists are entitled to set their own price list.

What you will be paying for is the examination, X-ray and dental removal. Depending on the complexity of the dental take-out, this will also vary in price if it happens with a tongue, surgery or if you have to split your teeth or even take out several teeth. Everything costs about 1000-4000 kronor.