#2 Ochsner Medical Center

Ochsner Medical Center is a great hospital by all standards. It is highly recommended by almost anyone we speak to and is also ranked #4 in all of the US according to US Health News.

Their overall score nationally is impressive:
Specialty National Rank Overall Score Ear, Nose & Throat #27 76.7/100 Gastroenterology & GI Surgery #22 69.7/100
Nephrology #28 74.5/100
Neurology & Neurosurgery #24 65.2/100a

And they also rank high in care for children: 
Pediatric Cardiology & Heart Surgery #49 61.2/100

Some quotes from our interviews:

  • “A lot of information! That’s what i asked for and what i got”
  • “Made me feel special”
  • “Really professional and cost effective”
  • “Took great care of my mother”
  • “I didn’t have to stay one extra minute”

We highly recommend Ochsner!