#3 East Jefferson General Hospital

East Jefferson General Hospital is an institution in New Orleans, but have seen better days. The hospital is old. Despite this they care deeply about their patients and have very qualified personel at their disposal. Rumour says that they are investing heavily in renovations of the pediatric apartments. That is needed!

The hospital ranks as #2 in New Orleans and #4 in Louisiana. They have dropped a few positions in recent years.

They don’t rank especially high in any field, but are well liked in the New Orleans area according to our interviews. Especially for adults.

Some quotes about East Jefferson General Hospital:

  • “Shabby but still feels like home”
  • “Excellent treatment of my broken leg”
  • “They do really care for their patients, not just me, you can really see it”
  • “The hospital has been around for ages, but still keep a high performance of what i experienced”.

We recommend East Jefferson General Hospital for adults, not for children.

Here is an old commercial that kind of show how old this hospital is:

#2 Ochsner Medical Center

Ochsner Medical Center is a great hospital by all standards. It is highly recommended by almost anyone we speak to and is also ranked #4 in all of the US according to US Health News.

Their overall score nationally is impressive:
Specialty National Rank Overall Score Ear, Nose & Throat #27 76.7/100 Gastroenterology & GI Surgery #22 69.7/100
Nephrology #28 74.5/100
Neurology & Neurosurgery #24 65.2/100a

And they also rank high in care for children: 
Pediatric Cardiology & Heart Surgery #49 61.2/100

Some quotes from our interviews:

  • “A lot of information! That’s what i asked for and what i got”
  • “Made me feel special”
  • “Really professional and cost effective”
  • “Took great care of my mother”
  • “I didn’t have to stay one extra minute”

We highly recommend Ochsner! 

#1 Who are we?

Welcome to the hospital and treatment directory of East Jefferson.
We are a non profit organization with the commitment to help members of the East Jefferson community find the right hospitals and treatments for the medical issues. We started this page after my grandfather ended up in the wrong hospital and eventually died because of the incompetence showed. We will not name the hospital, but will on this page rate hospitals and treatments after consultation with patients.
Who are we? Three members of the community with some spare time. We are not experts, but we are really good at listening to the experiences of patients in the area.